Gayonese Philosophies “Peri Mestike” Part Two

Dr. Joni MN, M.Pd.B.I
Joni MN

By : Dr Joni Mn, MPd BI

Hallo World…!!!,
Here we come with Gayonese’s Philosophies “Peri Mestike”
(Part Two)

… This is able to say such as a kind of wise language and aims to maintain the feelings of the speaker’s partners. “Peri Mestike” (PM) is an expression of the advice in the form of information submitted by a metaphorical way.

“Peri Mestike” (PM) serves to accommodate the values of Islam with the aim of creating an orderly cooperation. As assessed by the (Jamil, 2012 and Ibrahim, 2013) that cultural values Gayo can be integrated into the educational process in terms of shaping human morals.

“Peri Mestike” (PM) is a form of speech language ethical and an interpretation of the values ​​and norms of Gayonese indigenous. Existence “Peri Mestike” (PM) serves as manuscript culture (culture scripts) of Gayo people. “Peri Mestike” (PM) contains a set of rules or guidelines in carrying out life based on religion (Islam).

“Peri Mestike” (PM) as the “Maru’ah” (self-esteem) or which bind to a person with a concept that they believe and a concern for one’s harga diri bear a clear relationship to the emotion of “mukemel” and “tertip”. Feeling “mukemel” and “tertip” implies a threat to one’s “maru’ah” ‘dignity’, because “mukemel” and “tertip” are induced by retrospective then the prospect that other people are thinking things about one; conversely, maintaining one’s “maru’ah” will largely pre-empt any unpleasant sense of “mukemel” and “tertip”. (to be continued next writing).



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