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Gayonese Philosophies Peri Mestike (Part Three)

Oleh : Dr. Joni, MN

Hallo World!!!,
Here we come with Gayoneses Philosophies Peri Mestike
(Part three)

…PM has philosophical value and shape; (1) singket (short), (2) pedet (solid), (3) muwet (developing), and (4) medet (have custom).
The integration of local value in the form of PM can be seen from the dialogues above, they express a good order to respect the hearer. They follow the local values which symbolized with remalan enti bergerdak or do not walk stamping your feet, it means that behave well / orderly, “sergak” and “berpinggang” those are expressions contains broad meaning which aims to prohibit their children to acting rude and told her to run by using the rules that apply. Speech that is used by the father-shaped short, dense, thriving has a fine tradition and valuable aim to keep the child’s feelings.

The value and basic foundation from the PM also referred to the words of wisdom, rather the expression containing traditional values ​​and not directed to one person (Judge, 2003: v). Wise speech also generally shaped indirectly has implicit meaning, so it does not offend hearer. Yule (2006: 104) states that the general principles of culture including wise, generous, humble, and sympathetic towards others. Wise utterances are often called “words of wisdom” over the functioning of the mind culprit that is not worth damaging the esteem of others. PM is speech that uses imagery or imagery and indirect form, and speech strategy uses the “metaforis”. It aims to protect maru’ah (self esteem) hearer.

Based on the above phenomena and hope from one of the leader of educational and cultures from Gayos society (MR Bantacut Arifin, 83 years) who wants the cultural values ​​can be extracted and applied again by young generations, because, by learning and understanding the Gayo’s cultural, the society especially the young generation can be more ethical and have a good morality. Today, PM expressions in Gayo tribe has a big degradation and endangered, it because of the old generation who mastered those PM expression was died.

Based on this phenomenon, Id like to study more focus on how the principles of politeness and cooperation in Peri Mestike (PM), in the following time.



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